The Meaningful Mail (8th March 2020)

Weekly ideas on meaningful living.

Happy Sunday!

After a two month break, the Meaningful Mail is back!

I realized that I had many ideas that I wanted to share but no structured approach about how to organize them. Thus, I spent two months consolidating all ideas, topics, and sources in Notion.* I’m happy with the results and will share more details soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy this week’s philosophical and practical ideas…

#1 Face What you Avoid

Whenever you avoid facing something, your unconscious will pay a debt.

It will interfere with your peace of mind until you face what you avoid. The more things you avoid, the more debt you accrue.

Don‘t delay facing what you don’t want to face.

#2 Dave Jolly on Obtaining Good, Wise Hearts

“Good, wise hearts are obtained through lifetimes of diligent effort to dig deeply within and heal lifetimes of scars…. You can’t teach it or email it or tweet it. It has to be discovered within the depths of one’s own heart when a person is finally ready to go looking for it, and not before.”

Source: Dave Jolly in The Road to Character by David Brooks

#3 Steven Pressfield on the Avoidance of Self-Awareness

“The force that can save the amateur is awareness, particularly self-awareness. But the amateur understands, however dimly, that if she truly achieved this knowledge, she would be compelled to act upon it. … Fear of self-definition is what keeps an amateur an amateur and what keeps an addict an addict.”

Source: Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

#4 Marcus Aurelius on Memento Mori

“You could leave life right now.

Let that determine what you do and say and think.”

Source: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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Post Scriptum since the last issue of the Meaningful Mail:

When a decision is made, a path emerges. Make it inviting. Do the next best thing.

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