WW #23: On Enlightenment, Moral Improvement, and Thinking

Hi, it’s me Waldi!

Here are five ideas, insights, and a bit of wisdom to help you live better.


Suppressing your feelings, emotions, and thoughts poisons your mind.

The more you suppress them, the worse you feel.

Examine and learn what they want you to know. It’s a reliable way to feel better.


Writing and talking are different forms of thinking.

Writing confines your thoughts on paper and enables you to keep track of complex ideas and problems more easily.

Talking declutters your mind and helps you process your experiences and emotions.

Use the method that best suits your personality and the situation you’re in.


Enlightenment is often found where you least want to look.


When you disagree with someone you quickly judge their character as being bad, rather than their idea.

Hat tip to Mark Manson for the observation.


David Brooks on moral improvement:

“Example is the best teacher. Moral improvement occurs most reliably when the heart is warmed, when we come into contact with people we admire and love and we consciously and unconsciously bend our lives to mimic theirs.”

Source: The Road to Character

Until next week,


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